Thursday, April 16, 2009

I might need a better connection

I need to remember to pray more in the mornings, while I'm drinking my coffee.
As it is, I usually do most of my praying at night--when I'm exhausted.  For a few years, I thought I was getting hints back.  Some days I was excited when I thought I'd figured out a "clue:"  I thought I was meant to have a third child.  There were other days when I started to panic when I thought that God was trying to tell me His plan for me might involve me having three.

Then there are days like today when I hear Him laughing.  Clearly I was meant to have a bird.  Or His plan for my life involves me planting a tree.


jocelyn said...

Uh oh...rough day?

LoryKC said...

Actually, today is running fairly smoothly. Yeserterday, not so much.

There are days when I finally feel like I've settled into my groove, I can be a good wife, good mother and even dream of writing a few words in my "free" time!

Then there are days like yesterday that put me in my place!

Today is much better and the sun is even out!

jocelyn said...

I'm glad today is better, sorry yesterday was a rough one. I think we all have days like those! Enjoy the sun!

LoryKC said...

One was gone overnight, one took another nap---one kid at a time is easy peasy! ;)