Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's a new day!

I may not finish the novel but I have more hope today. Everything looks brighter today! J slept in his bassinet for almost 5 hours last night! It is amazing how much brighter life seems after a little R.E.M. sleep!

The rest of my family spent the night up at South Bend last night and will return this afternoon. Who knows what the little one and I can accomplish in the meantime? :)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nano a no go

I said they were good INTENTIONS, right?
I have given birth to yet another "velcro child." He sleeps during the day--when he's being held!
It's progress. When I first brought him home, he wanted to be held all night but would sleep in a bassinet or pack-n-play during the day. I was hoping we'd get the days and nights worked out so I could sleep at night. We've gotten that far!
However, I was hoping to do some writing during the day and that is very hard to do one-handed! I have some great new ideas but typing one finger at a time is slow going and I don't have the energy to do much now (11:30pm).
SO...stay tuned this time next year...maybe I'll have made more progress by then! (If he hasn't started walking...)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I lost 2 inches

J is now 11 days old and is so well behaved! ;) He accompanied me to the salon this morning and was kind enough to sleep long enough for me to get a few highlights and have 2 inches cut off of my hair!

I'm not quite back into my pre-preggo jeans yet but after going darker last month, it was time to lighten the hair up again and lose some weight there! It's amazing how much lighter I feel already just by making my hair shorter and blonder!

I'm trying to lose a few baby pounds as well by exercising my will power each time I pass the kids' Halloween candy!

Friday, November 09, 2007

We are still here!

We're settling into our new routine--if you can call it a routine already! After a week of not driving, I'm back to taking the kiddos to school successfully without arriving much later than we used to. (Most days we could not afford to, anyway!) So...we have work to do to get the kids there early enough to socialize with their friends before school but otherwise, I'm managing getting out of the house with three kids (so far)!

I've also made the insane choice to attempt Nano again this year. What makes me think I can reach 50,000 words this year if I could not last year? Limited time. Last year was the first year that my son was in school every day. It was half-day kindergarten but I finally had "free time" every morning. With Joshua's arrival, I have lost guaranteed free time again for the next few years but I'm hoping to use some of his naptimes to sit down and speed-write. That's the goal of Nano anyway, right? Just to write without stopping to edit or consider whether what your writing has any redeeming value. So if my fingers can ramble on during some naptimes and I can grab a nap myself during others, I'll be successful! (Shocked but successful!)

How many of my writing pals out there are doing Nano again this year? Good luck!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

He's here!

Our little bean arrived on Thursday! Joshua Thomas was born at 2:03pm, weighing 8lbs, 3oz.
My parents are still here helping out and baby is settling in and doing fine.

Hope you're enjoying November!