Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I lost 2 inches

J is now 11 days old and is so well behaved! ;) He accompanied me to the salon this morning and was kind enough to sleep long enough for me to get a few highlights and have 2 inches cut off of my hair!

I'm not quite back into my pre-preggo jeans yet but after going darker last month, it was time to lighten the hair up again and lose some weight there! It's amazing how much lighter I feel already just by making my hair shorter and blonder!

I'm trying to lose a few baby pounds as well by exercising my will power each time I pass the kids' Halloween candy!


Global Greenscape said...

I think you need to update your about me...one is no longer on the way...he's here.

Tracy said...

Wait... You still have Halloween candy? I'll be right over ;-)

LoryKC said...

Glad you're back in the blogosphere! Thanks! I had forgotten but it's fixed now. Does this mean you've arrived at your new home?

Come and get it! Please!
(You may get some resistance from the kids but they're little!)

jocelynka said...

Congratulations :) I know it must make you feel better being lighter (both color and hair weight). I'm proud of you with your will power over the candy...all the boys' candy that had anything peanut butter and chocolate was gone the next day. The rest is all the stuff nobody really wants...I think we'll toss it when we think they won't notice.

Margaret said...

Congratulations Mommy and lil' guy. =O)

I'm still not loosing 20lbs of my baby weight - five years after the fact. (I gained 55 total not including baby/water, etc.)

Then again, one of my favorite things about my own Mom, was resting my head on her tummy - even as a teenager. Those extra lbs made the perfect "waterbed" type of comfy pillow.

I notice now, that Kate does the same.

Global Greenscape said...

Well...we're here, but not really. We're in a hotel until the morning. H is going to call you this evening to catch up. My blog only has partial details of the journey thus far. Leaves me more to type later. :)

Rene said...

Wow, congrats on the weight loss. I'm still trying to lose my baby weight from my first kid born 12 years ago!