Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indiana kids and the tower of laundry

I say I'll use the baby's naptime to write.  I need that naptime to shower though, too--oh, and clean up the dishes.  Now that he's mobile, naptime is a really good time to load the washer and fold clothes, or eat a peaceful lunch, or try to read something.

We have all taken turns being sick lately so I'm behind on everything--except cleaning the bathrooms.  Nothing like physically ill children to inspire me to follow behind and truly scrub those bathrooms.  When I look back at the week, it seems I can get more done than I thought!  (Although the clean laundry is not only spilling out of the basket, it has surrounded and conquered it.)  

It all works out in the end.  If the kids can't keep up with helping out, they'll just have to hunt for their socks in the Tower of Laundry.  They won't find the Holy Grail but hopefully, they can find some socks without holes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another week gone by

Have a great weekend!

I'll try, next week, to get to this more often. Life did not change much from last week with the exception that we've all taken turns passing a cold around--with the exception of my son--who tried to stay home yesterday by claiming a sore throat. It seems he needed a little more attention as everyone else had been getting more but he's healthy otherwise! (I let him stay home for the morning to be sure. He had so much makeup work from missing one morning that he's learned it's much simpler to just go to school!)

The baby is still feeling miserable but hopefully will recover, soon. (I really did move the trash!)

Otherwise, it's a gloomy, rainy day outside but I'm thankful that it's rain in the middle of November and not snow, yet!
(Snow is due tomorrow but I'll think about that later)

Friday, November 07, 2008


A week after minor surgery, I can actually sit in my chair and type.

In-laws have come and gone, Halloween whizzed by and the baby is now a year old! (One year and 6 days but who's counting?) ;) He's taking a few steps, climbing in the bottom of the kitchen table and then climbing onto the chairs. (Just when we thought one short fall from his hiding place under the table, he's standing on chairs already. I guess if he's going to fall--he's going to make it as dramatic as possible.)

While I marvel at how quickly the baby is growing, my oldest daughter is asking to begin shaving her legs and, when she notices that I am trying to do 3 other things at once, she tries to get me to sign a blank piece of paper before going to school.
Poor boy--the middle kid is doing great on comprehension quizzes but can't remember to bring home a book or use shampoo in the shower.

I had a new story idea so I thought I'd throw myself into NaNo again this year and get it written but can't quite remember what it was I was going to write...