Friday, October 24, 2008


It used to be a fight to get the family to remember to recycle. Everyone is doing much better, now. I remarked to my husband that on trash day, we only had two trash bags to put out!

My daughter remarked that this might be because the baby eats out of the trash can now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My glass is still half-full but I'm not thirsty, anymore!

It could have been worse.

Last Monday, my husband offered to drop my son off at his tennis lesson. He waited until my son saw someone with a cart of tennis balls. My son said that was his coach and hopped out of the car.
Hubbie returned at the end of the lesson to find that there had been no lesson. My son had been mistaken--saw the balls and was eager to go. His coach never showed. The coach sent someone to tell the class that the lesson was canceled but she was held up at work so no one knew for a while.
Luckily, a few other moms who had shown up know my son and waited with him. It could have been much worse!

Wednesday, the dermatologist called to say that one of the suspicious spots he'd removed from my thigh was, in fact, melanoma. He has already removed it and is fairly confident that he got it all, but will take another centimeter out of my thigh, just to be sure.
Scary word but the spot is gone, so it could have been much worse.

Friday, on the way to a make-up tennis lesson (being held to make up for the canceled class on Monday) we were in an accident. My bumper looks bad but everyone was unhurt. Even with gas prices, there are some days when it is good to be the one in the big SUV! The car behind me had much more damage but still, it could have been much worse.

For once, I am glad it is Monday! I am ready to begin a NEW week! My chest has been aching all weekend. I've been blaming brands of coffee and amounts of coffee until it occured to me last night that I've been holding my breath. While all outcomes were about the best they could have been, I usually wait for these things to happen in threes. I had forgotten about Monday's tennis incident but have decided now that these are my three and I can move on. We're done!

Have a wonderful and safe week!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A week, already?

Although it was not Monday yet, my last post seemed to start the following week on a theme!
Baby has been sick, we've had at least a few things scheduled every know: life. Finally, today I have a little breathing time again--I just can't believe it's been a week already!

My daughter and husband traveled up to South Bend and stayed overnight after the Notre Dame football game last weekend. My son had a friend sleep over and the baby went to bed pretty well. So I actually had a little time to myself! I was going to curl up and read a little more of The Gargoyle but just could not get motivated to open it back up, so I went looking to see what was on my bookshelf that I have not yet read. I found Wickett's Remedy. This book sat on my wish list for a long time. It seemed intriguing but I kept buying other books. A while back, I wandered into Barnes and Noble and the book was on a bargain table and I could no longer pass it up. Yet it still sat on the shelf until last weekend. I do not know why. I am only half-way through (life tends to interrupt my reading time) but it is delightful.

I don't know if you can judge a book by its cover but the price certainly is no indication of the value contained within. On impulse, after reading a review online, I bought a hardcover copy of the bestselling book, The Gargoyle. I am not impressed. It reminds me of the DaVinci Code in the sense that the premise is intriguing but the writing is not good. This is the author's first book and I should be kind--I hope someone will read my first book one day--but he is trying too hard. I might finish it and let you know if I change my mind. On the other hand, Wickett's Remedy was bargain priced--I again bought a hardcover--for $5.95. This is certainly a bargain!

More than a bargain, this book has been a gift. I've been toying with the idea of including angels--or at least, an angel--in my WIP but am struggling with a way to do it that is not corny. The asides* in the margins of this book have reminded me that once in a while, it is literally OK to write outside of the box.
*The asides in the margins refers to the hardcover edition. I learned, while looking for a link to share with you here, that Myla Goldberg had the chance to make some revisions to the text for the paperback edition. She has included them online to download to replace certain pages of the hardcover edition but I have not yet done so. I don't know if the paperback edition is in the same format. Perhaps this explains the bargain price!

Friday, October 03, 2008

We're far from Monday

I don't work outside of the home but Mondays are still usually the craziest mornings here. Today was an exception.

Although we have as many bathrooms as people in this house, my one and only toothbrush is in the one bathroom that my husband was getting ready in when I got up. One son had crawled into bed with us an hour earlier and the other was screaming in his crib so I told one to get up and got the baby out and nursed him. I just wanted to brush my teeth and have a cup of coffee.

A little later, I took the baby back upstairs, told my older son again to get up and woke his sister. Hubbie was back in the bathroom so I helped older son find a red shirt for school (Spirit day--yay!) and took the baby back downstairs. Hubbie came downstairs --asking why I was making coffee after spending so much money on a pot that would do it for me. (My new, fabulous coffee pot that can be programmed to make my coffee for me works great--if all the parts are washed and reassembled the night before--but I had left them out to dry.)

As the coffee started brewing, I got breakfast ready for the kids. I'd tried to make it easier by buying lower fat, pre-made croissant sandwiches yesterday but they were very chewy so it just took longer to heat those and then make another breakfast. At least, I remembered vitamins! I took two out for my daughter, and put them in my hand while talking to my husband. I was holding the baby in my other arm, so he took one vitamin and had it in his mouth before I'd realized that the 11-month-old had the gummi vitamin, rather than the 10-year-old girl!

Hubbie, who was standing directly across from me, watching me try to fish the vitamin out of the baby's mouth simply asked, "how did he get a hold of it?"

At that point, I still had not brushed my teeth, nor had a sip of coffee and am in the habit of holding vitamins out for children so I realized too late that the one that can't have it is the one who got it. I explain this--though I'm quite sure that it should be obvious. My husband optimistically points out that at least the baby does have a cold, so maybe the vitamin will help!
(Yes, the one with 5 teeth took care of that gummi vitamin before I could get a hold of it!)

So I go set the baby down in the living room, in front of the tv. (I may have already poisoned him--why not fry his little brain with a little Fox News?) The baby pulls himself up, stares at the tv, looks directly at Senator Joe Biden, and yells, "Mama! Mama!"