Monday, October 13, 2008

My glass is still half-full but I'm not thirsty, anymore!

It could have been worse.

Last Monday, my husband offered to drop my son off at his tennis lesson. He waited until my son saw someone with a cart of tennis balls. My son said that was his coach and hopped out of the car.
Hubbie returned at the end of the lesson to find that there had been no lesson. My son had been mistaken--saw the balls and was eager to go. His coach never showed. The coach sent someone to tell the class that the lesson was canceled but she was held up at work so no one knew for a while.
Luckily, a few other moms who had shown up know my son and waited with him. It could have been much worse!

Wednesday, the dermatologist called to say that one of the suspicious spots he'd removed from my thigh was, in fact, melanoma. He has already removed it and is fairly confident that he got it all, but will take another centimeter out of my thigh, just to be sure.
Scary word but the spot is gone, so it could have been much worse.

Friday, on the way to a make-up tennis lesson (being held to make up for the canceled class on Monday) we were in an accident. My bumper looks bad but everyone was unhurt. Even with gas prices, there are some days when it is good to be the one in the big SUV! The car behind me had much more damage but still, it could have been much worse.

For once, I am glad it is Monday! I am ready to begin a NEW week! My chest has been aching all weekend. I've been blaming brands of coffee and amounts of coffee until it occured to me last night that I've been holding my breath. While all outcomes were about the best they could have been, I usually wait for these things to happen in threes. I had forgotten about Monday's tennis incident but have decided now that these are my three and I can move on. We're done!

Have a wonderful and safe week!


jocelynka said...

Wow it sounds like quite a week. I had no idea about the area on your thigh. I hope the dr's right and it's all gone. Keep me posted! I'm sorry you were in the accident and C was mistaken at the lesson. You're right, things could have been much worse. I hope this week is better for everyone there!

Natasha said...

Hi there!
I'm Natasha. I've been reading your blog, and am really sorry about everything. Melanoma' arent quite uncommon, but they can wreak havoc. Its a good thing you caught it. I'd like to invite you to join us at, a website for women in their fifties, who believe in embracing transitions and change and making the most of our individualities and our lives. Do check us out!

Rene said...

Boy, you did have rough week. I hope they get the melanoma eradicated. I had a raised mole removed from my son just to be safe.

I'm with you on the moose mobiles. I drive an Expedition and while I don't like the gas prices, I do feel safer.