Friday, October 10, 2008

A week, already?

Although it was not Monday yet, my last post seemed to start the following week on a theme!
Baby has been sick, we've had at least a few things scheduled every know: life. Finally, today I have a little breathing time again--I just can't believe it's been a week already!

My daughter and husband traveled up to South Bend and stayed overnight after the Notre Dame football game last weekend. My son had a friend sleep over and the baby went to bed pretty well. So I actually had a little time to myself! I was going to curl up and read a little more of The Gargoyle but just could not get motivated to open it back up, so I went looking to see what was on my bookshelf that I have not yet read. I found Wickett's Remedy. This book sat on my wish list for a long time. It seemed intriguing but I kept buying other books. A while back, I wandered into Barnes and Noble and the book was on a bargain table and I could no longer pass it up. Yet it still sat on the shelf until last weekend. I do not know why. I am only half-way through (life tends to interrupt my reading time) but it is delightful.

I don't know if you can judge a book by its cover but the price certainly is no indication of the value contained within. On impulse, after reading a review online, I bought a hardcover copy of the bestselling book, The Gargoyle. I am not impressed. It reminds me of the DaVinci Code in the sense that the premise is intriguing but the writing is not good. This is the author's first book and I should be kind--I hope someone will read my first book one day--but he is trying too hard. I might finish it and let you know if I change my mind. On the other hand, Wickett's Remedy was bargain priced--I again bought a hardcover--for $5.95. This is certainly a bargain!

More than a bargain, this book has been a gift. I've been toying with the idea of including angels--or at least, an angel--in my WIP but am struggling with a way to do it that is not corny. The asides* in the margins of this book have reminded me that once in a while, it is literally OK to write outside of the box.
*The asides in the margins refers to the hardcover edition. I learned, while looking for a link to share with you here, that Myla Goldberg had the chance to make some revisions to the text for the paperback edition. She has included them online to download to replace certain pages of the hardcover edition but I have not yet done so. I don't know if the paperback edition is in the same format. Perhaps this explains the bargain price!

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Margaret said...

I'm trying to choke down a Thousand Splendid Suns or something. Pretty bad, I can't even recall the title. It's by the author of the Kiterunner. Not sure what to think.