Monday, July 14, 2008

But I'm thirsty!

With the first child, the first time she dropped her cup from the highchair, we picked it up, smiling. The second time, we retrieved it again. Around the 10th time, we realized it was a game--how cute! She was training us! She realized we would pick it up for her! What a smart child!

When the second child did it, we smiled knowingly but still picked up the cup a few times.

Third baby watches it land with a thud on the floor, smiles up at us and we simply smile back.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Herding turtles

As the baby becomes mobile, I become less so!  (I feel more like a hamster in an exercise wheel--I I'm always moving but not getting much done.)

We got a new all-in-one printer that will do everything but print, at the moment.  Laundry (clean and dirty) is spilling over baskets and hampers.  As I'm not finding any more time, it was tempting to break out the wine and just give up. (It's 5pm somewhere, right?)  I knew it wouldn't help me get more accomplished but I wouldn't care so much.

I did get the baby settled down for a nap and tried to figure out where I could score some sort of energy drink--preferably in gallon form-- but I found the hubbie's chocolate covered espresso beans.  I'll just call these "Mommy's other little helper!"  Now I can spin my wheels faster.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Key lime pie at 2am

It's been quite a while since I was out "late!" Hanging out with a few friends after our highschool reunion was the first time in many years! I used to come home from college and hang out with some of those same friends but we never left before 9 or 10pm. When the clubs closed at 2am, we'd head someplace to get a cup of tea and a slice of pie. I'd order key lime pie whenever I could.

It is not often that I eat key lime pie anymore, but the hubbie and kids picked one up for me for my birthday.

My daughter had a friend sleep over last night but they were having trouble getting to sleep. (I've stopped checking on these two often as this friend has slept over many times but last night they got me out of bed to tell me they could not get to sleep and their movie was over!) So I came downstairs, put another movie on and decided to settle in on the couch until they fell asleep. I tried to ignore the call of the pie from the freezer.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sometimes it feels like somebody's watching me

While I have posted a few entries over the years that I probably should have held off on--most of them were examples of bad writing or ideas that were not as clever as I thought they were at midnight.  I do try to keep in mind that anything I post can be seen by anyone, anywhere at any time.

There are people however, who have internet access but do not think about how many people can view their posts or videos or do not care.

My daughter is upset that I've blocked You Tube on the computer downstairs.  I have not blocked it due to videos she has found but because of the clips that she may find.  Responsible adults out there can decide for themselves what to look at but I'm not giving a 10-year-old that luxury.

I came across this article this morning.  Not only should  people be careful about what they post but for those of you who do not have mothers blocking sites for you, you may want to be careful about what you choose to view, as well!  Apparently Google, who owns You Tube, must report the viewing habits of anyone who has ever viewed any You Tube video.  (If you've just been looking at Miley Cyrus and some questionable "wizard swears" puppet videos, you should not have too much to be embarrassed about.)

Be careful what you wish for!

I was not sure when the hubbie decided on a Mac.  I was less sure when he wanted to put it in the "office" (which I'd originally envisioned more of a library--the one electronic-free room).  Since it went up, of course, I've found all sorts of new features on this computer and have done some writing but much more exploring.

We've just had a new bookshelf built in the basement and the office is being relocated there.  It looks like I will get my library after all.

This should work out better for everyone.  The piano is in this room as well and I have to get back to that and back to writing--which I manage when I do not have internet access! ;)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

...and the race is on!

At first glance, I thought it was a baby spider...then I thought just fuzz, blowing in the breeze created by the ceiling fan.  The baby was enthralled with it and I finally realized it was a small ant.

A tiny, very fast ant trying to escape a large, wobbly baby is something to see!  J was really trying but has not yet mastered his pincer grip.  If he had simply fallen where he was, he'd have crushed the tiny insect--a fact the ant knew, no doubt!

At home among the cornfields

While a trip home last week reminded me of some of my favorite things, it is very peaceful to look out the kitchen window in my new home and watch the fireflies light up the backyard as the sun sets in the exact center of my view!

It is immediately relaxing to hear the crickets, cicadas and/or tree frogs at night in Florida but I've never seen a lightning bug there!

Home is where your children have quietly fallen asleep. ;)