Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Herding turtles

As the baby becomes mobile, I become less so!  (I feel more like a hamster in an exercise wheel--I I'm always moving but not getting much done.)

We got a new all-in-one printer that will do everything but print, at the moment.  Laundry (clean and dirty) is spilling over baskets and hampers.  As I'm not finding any more time, it was tempting to break out the wine and just give up. (It's 5pm somewhere, right?)  I knew it wouldn't help me get more accomplished but I wouldn't care so much.

I did get the baby settled down for a nap and tried to figure out where I could score some sort of energy drink--preferably in gallon form-- but I found the hubbie's chocolate covered espresso beans.  I'll just call these "Mommy's other little helper!"  Now I can spin my wheels faster.

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