Monday, July 14, 2008

But I'm thirsty!

With the first child, the first time she dropped her cup from the highchair, we picked it up, smiling. The second time, we retrieved it again. Around the 10th time, we realized it was a game--how cute! She was training us! She realized we would pick it up for her! What a smart child!

When the second child did it, we smiled knowingly but still picked up the cup a few times.

Third baby watches it land with a thud on the floor, smiles up at us and we simply smile back.


jocelynka said...

I didn't go to #3, however I remember the difference with just having #1 and #2. I'm surprised I ever got anything to drink seeing what number I came in :)

LoryKC said...

You and M probably just learned to crawl over and grab someone else's! ;)

Margaret said...

LOL - Don't you just love that game! I do that now (drop things) and expect Katie to pick it up for me. She does too!