Wednesday, July 02, 2008

At home among the cornfields

While a trip home last week reminded me of some of my favorite things, it is very peaceful to look out the kitchen window in my new home and watch the fireflies light up the backyard as the sun sets in the exact center of my view!

It is immediately relaxing to hear the crickets, cicadas and/or tree frogs at night in Florida but I've never seen a lightning bug there!

Home is where your children have quietly fallen asleep. ;)

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jocelynka said...

It is a peaceful thing to watch isn't it. M was laughing at me the other night as I was just standing at the glass door. I just think their neat (especially since we didn't grow up watching them) and they are only here for a short time. My other M caught a few in his bug catcher from the library. He was so proud!