Sunday, July 06, 2008

Key lime pie at 2am

It's been quite a while since I was out "late!" Hanging out with a few friends after our highschool reunion was the first time in many years! I used to come home from college and hang out with some of those same friends but we never left before 9 or 10pm. When the clubs closed at 2am, we'd head someplace to get a cup of tea and a slice of pie. I'd order key lime pie whenever I could.

It is not often that I eat key lime pie anymore, but the hubbie and kids picked one up for me for my birthday.

My daughter had a friend sleep over last night but they were having trouble getting to sleep. (I've stopped checking on these two often as this friend has slept over many times but last night they got me out of bed to tell me they could not get to sleep and their movie was over!) So I came downstairs, put another movie on and decided to settle in on the couch until they fell asleep. I tried to ignore the call of the pie from the freezer.


aaron said...

Hope you had a wonderful bday -- there was a big fireworks display around here in your honor. :)

LoryKC said...

Thanks! ;) (the news always shows a second or two of the show in your neighborhood!)

I hope your day is great, too--hopefully you'll be up to celebrating, at least a little! (Cake is soft!) ;)

jocelynka said...

I hope it was yummy. I hope your birthday was special. We too watched fireworks in your honor. We actually watched them with H&J and family.