Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why? Why not?

Here I go, again.
I am going to give NaNo another go.
For those of you who have been long-time visitors, you may recall that I have never finished the 50,000 words in the 30 day time period.

So why do this, again?

It can't hurt. Maybe this will be my year! I'm actually getting a little excited about it--but that is most likely because it is not November, yet.

Join me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make it a surprise, Mom!

I cannot believe that my baby will be two years old on Sunday! I think he grew taller, overnight and the kid isn't just talking--he's conversing.

Unfortunately, I catch myself talking to him like he is older. I was making my "to-do" list this morning and casually asked the little guy what kind of birthday cake he'd like.

His reply (duh!) was OKAY!! He ran over to his high chair and no matter what else I offered, all he wanted was "Happy To You Cake!"
It took over fifteen minutes to convince him that I do not actually have any cake at the moment.

Of course, he can spot mom-guilt as well as anyone! It didn't take too long for him to request a popsicle. I had the fire on this morning while the big kids dressed for school; this little guy is wearing a sweatshirt but he sweetly asked for a popsicle.
He (and you) knew I'd say yes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wrong cheeks

The squirrels are busy this time of year, collecting any last acorns, nuts or whatever else is still lying out there. I get it. They will not have someone serving them a bowl of cereal in January, when the snow is on the ground.

My toddler will. Not only is he saving his snacks but he is putting them behind him. He shoved squares of Cinnamon Toast Crunch down the back of his pjs, this morning. When you do this, in footy pajamas, they cannot fall out. So you know where I found them. (Not a place I'd like to store food, even in the short term).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wine pairings

We know that certain types of wine complement certain flavors and foods.
Does a particular wine go with a type of book?

In this case, I thought, how could it not?

I love the bottle! Seven zinfandel wines from 7 wineries are included in "7 zins"; it has fleur de lis accents around the top; it has a wonderful poem on the back. The marketing! The decoration! It's beautiful!

Unfortunately, the wine inside did not measure up to the bottle--or the books.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The baby is not quite two yet but already wants to know why.
Why? Why! WHY?!?!?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Every few years, I decide I need one.

And then change my mind. I really WANT the workshop format and the critique circle.
Can I find that outside of a univerity? Yes.
Have I? No.

The husband wants to know what it will do to HELP me.
(I need the feedback, want the workshop format and these days, adult conversation is always a plus.) Besides, I tell him, if he's hit by a bus, I can go teach classes at the college level.
(He reminds me of the great life insurance plan he has. I'm actually REALLY well set--IF he dies.) With the MFA however, I might actually be able to graduate, write AND teach--EVEN if he lives! ;)

So why have I waited this long?
A number of reasons.

A friend asked me YEARS ago whether or not I really NEEDED it--or if it was, in fact, a fancy shmancy delay tactic. (She already had her degree from Harvard and was pursuing a dual tract in medical school so ONCE in a WHILE, I listened to her!) ;)
(Of course, she was right). I STILL don't have a beautiful, polished novel sitting here so it's easier to say I need to go through an MFA program than to just sit my butt in the chair long enough to edit the crap that I DO have and craft it into something that someone not related to me might want to read. (If I edit it and/or write it for a class, I will HAVE to do it or fail.)

With a toddler at home, it's tough to write and tougher to consider going back to school. (There is a wonderful, well-known university close by who offers an MFA program). I can't pull off studying, writing AND teaching with my kids at the ages that they're at right now. The distance MFAs are calling me right now but it's hard to determine if it is because that is the right move--ore because 20 days away from my family each year sounds like THE way to get my book DONE?!

SO! My writing friends--do you have/want an MFA? Do you participate in a critique circle? I'm curious.