Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make it a surprise, Mom!

I cannot believe that my baby will be two years old on Sunday! I think he grew taller, overnight and the kid isn't just talking--he's conversing.

Unfortunately, I catch myself talking to him like he is older. I was making my "to-do" list this morning and casually asked the little guy what kind of birthday cake he'd like.

His reply (duh!) was OKAY!! He ran over to his high chair and no matter what else I offered, all he wanted was "Happy To You Cake!"
It took over fifteen minutes to convince him that I do not actually have any cake at the moment.

Of course, he can spot mom-guilt as well as anyone! It didn't take too long for him to request a popsicle. I had the fire on this morning while the big kids dressed for school; this little guy is wearing a sweatshirt but he sweetly asked for a popsicle.
He (and you) knew I'd say yes.

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jocelyn said...

Cute :) Did you decided on a cake for his Happy to you cake? :)