Monday, October 12, 2009


The baby is not quite two yet but already wants to know why.
Why? Why! WHY?!?!?


jocelyn said...

Why not? :) I know I'm just so helpful. Look at the bright side though, he could be almost 2 and not talking :)

Rene said...

I couldn't wait for my kids to start talking. I'd do anything to get them to stop now.

Rene said...

Oh, and when my son asks me why I tell him look it up on wikipedia.

LoryKC said...

Oh, this kid is TALKING! He is too smart for his own good--I've actually started to have CONVERSATIONS. With a 23-month-old.
Tim thinks I should stop giving him whole milk.
(He's the only one who drinks it--I say the milk fat helps with brain development--dad says, "he's developed! Time to stop!) ;)


LOL! I won't let HIM type yet but I WILL use that for his older siblings who have, again, adopted the WHY mantra! Thanks! :)