Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer days

Our new home backs up to a cornfield. (We are in Indiana now!) As the sun sets on summer evenings, the sky is a hazy, purple-pink background for the dark orange orb slowly making its exit. As the sun sets, the backyard and cornfield behind it come alive--twinkling with a thousand fireflies dancing. One lit on the sliding glass window for a moment tonight as I looked out--as if to say goodnight--before it joined the blinking majority.

My kids had their first lemonade stand today. They made $10!

The Learning channel

Some things just don't come in the parenting manual. N is excited about this whole baby thing. She has always loved children younger than herself. (Including, on occasion, her own brother!) She especially loves babies and toddlers. She has discovered "A Baby Story" on TLC. I watched the first part of one episode with her--because the mom was in labor. Though she knows the doctor was "looking at her bottom!" (both kids giggled at that) the camera didn't show the gory details so I let her continue to watch. (She does not yet need TOO much information).

She oohed and aahed at the infant they brought home.

The next episode however, featured a same-sex couple--two women--who had just brought their baby home. N tells me that two girls had a baby and they didn't have any boys. I stated quietly that a man was involved at some point but she shook her head with conviction. "Nope. They have been together for 8 years. NO boys!"

(She does not yet need too much information.)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The joys of home ownership

Well, my relaxing day of bliss included the delivery of my new washer and dryer--even though I'd inadvertently ordered two appliances that do not quite match. We thought ordering online would be easy but it's hard to tell that some washers have a shiny, mirror-like finish on their door while some dryers have a finish that matches my chrome refrigerator. Oh well, no one will notice but me--and any of my blog readers who come to visit! ;)

That was also the day I first discovered the water stain on our ceiling. It's under our shower. We had the exact same problem in the last house, so we have evidently done something to upset the plumbing gods. It faded the next day (when the plumbers were here) and they sealed things, tested things but could not re-create the problem. It has been fine--until today.

Our radon test has finally come back with an acceptable (low!) number! It was high when they initially tested, so they sealed the sump pump and tried again. When that did not resolve the issue, a radon mitigation system was installed. They retested this week and that has been resolved.

We've unpacked a little more, N will have her new dresser on Wednesday so she can finally stop living out of a box. (She and C had divided a bunk-bed set but C has the whole thing now and she is getting a new, more feminine bedroom set. The rest of her set won't arrive until August but at least she'll have drawers!)

We have found the pool nearby so we've got the important issues covered!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Settling in...

Most of the boxes are unpacked, the furniture is placed and my new washer and dryer should arrive today!

The hubbie and kids are taking a day trip to visit Notre Dame so I have the quiet house all to myself.
(If you look up the definition of bliss, you might find the above sentence quoted--or at least the last five words!)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore!

We have arrived and are in our new home in Indiana! It's empty but we ahve time to figure out exactly where the "big" items will go. Our truck is due to arrive Monday or Tuesday so it'll start feeling more like home soon!

I was a little worried that it might take a while to meet other kids--there are only a few houses on our street. However, the next street over has many more houses and one of the kids my daughter met at the playground told her that there are at least 2 kids in every house!

When we chose N's name, I was trying to find something that wasn't too trendy so she would not have 4 other girls in her class with the same name. Since then, I don't think I've met another child with her name. Until now. There are 3 other girls in this small neighborhood with the same name, though one is visiting! The house at the end of our street has a girl with the same name and her mother's name is the same as mine! I can't decide if that is a good sign or slightly creepy...

Otherwise, everyone has been incredibly friendly so I'm sure that our new town will feel like home in no time!