Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer days

Our new home backs up to a cornfield. (We are in Indiana now!) As the sun sets on summer evenings, the sky is a hazy, purple-pink background for the dark orange orb slowly making its exit. As the sun sets, the backyard and cornfield behind it come alive--twinkling with a thousand fireflies dancing. One lit on the sliding glass window for a moment tonight as I looked out--as if to say goodnight--before it joined the blinking majority.

My kids had their first lemonade stand today. They made $10!


Jocelynka said...

Wow, way to go N and C on the lemonade stand! I think the most I ever got was 25 cents, and taht was from Dad!

We are going to have fireflies at our new house too...we saw a ton this past weekend, it was cool and I know M will love it! Enjoy them :)

Nancy said...

Joey mentioned new house also. Whats up? Aunt N

Margaret said...

I miss fireflies. I bet the sunsets are gorgeous. You'll need to put in a deck, outdoor hot tub and have a place to enjoy this to it's fullest at every opportunity.

(I did this when I lived on the west side of Moon River.)

I miss it.

LoryKC said...

We had them in Kansas but not in numbers like this! Your kids will love them--though they often come out after our preferred bedtime for kiddos! (It does stay light late these days!)

I think Joey answered this for you? I don't think it is top secret but thought I'd let her answer!

We have the deck sans hot tub. The hubbie would like one, though! We're working on getting the grass to grow in the backyard first. He's having a sprinkler system put in, which is likely more than the hot tub! One project at a time...

Beth said...

Fireflies, lemonaide stands and 4th of July parades...sun, laughter, and love... these are the days of summer.


LoryKC said...

Exactly--enjoy yours as well!