Monday, April 28, 2008

Count your blessings

Kids, let's GO!

Mom, my shirt is missing a button.

That's OK.  Just wear a different shirt and I'll fix it today.

I can't!  It's FRIDAY.  We have to wear the shirts with the logos on them to Mass and I only have this one.

Do you know where the button is?


I have some in my sewing kit. *sigh*  I need a cup of coffee.

(Hubbie is walking by, on his way out the door.) There are extra buttons on the bottom of my dress shirts.  Use one of those.

Thanks.  (Kiss)  I'll find the sewing kit.  I just need a sip of coffee.

MOM!  Can I just pull the button off of Dad's shirt?

*LOUD SIGH* I will be right there!  Do not pull anything off of Dad's shirt!  I'm getting a cup of coffee.

Hey, Mom?  Have you seen my belt?

I'm sure it's on the floor of your closet but I'll help you look.  Just let me pour that coffee.

MOM?  I'm getting that button, OK?

*Storm upstairs*  I will get it.  Go eat your breakfast.

(Look in laundry room for scissors and sewing kit.  Find neither.  Grab another pair of scissors and gently remove button from dress shirt.)

MOM!  Is the baby up yet?

No but he will be if you keep yelling.


*sigh* I bring the button downstairs.  The sewing kit must be in the mud room.

Hi, Mom!  Did you get my belt when you were upstairs?

*Blink and sigh*  No.  I need to find my sewing kit and get a cup of coffee.

You have a sewing kit?

*Blink and nod*  Hard to believe, I know.

Wait, Mom!  I've got it!  You don't have to fix my shirt!    I'll just wear a t-shirt under it!  Then people will see more white--they won't know!

 I'll fix it.  Have you seen my sewing kit?

Nope.  Is breakfast ready?  When B comes over after school, can you take us to the park?  What are we going to have for lunch?  Did you remember it's a half-day, today?

Yes, maybe, we'll see and yes.  Let me get a cup of coffee and then I'll find that sewing kit.
 (Where IS that thing?)  I say a prayer out loud and another to St. Anthony to help me find the sewing kit.  (I'm trying to teach the kids to ask for divine help when mom isn't quick enough!)  I repeat the prayer as I look through every room and still can't find it.  I need a cup of coffee.
I get my coffee mug, pour a splash of milk in.  Aha!  It's on top of the fridge--found the sewing kit!  

OK, let's fix that shirt!

That's your sewing kit?


It looks like a shoe box.

I nod and realize I never poured the coffee.  I grab the mug and almost step on the toes of my shadow, behind me.

What does your mug say?  Can I read it?

Yes. (I finish sewing the button while he turns and reads the words on the mug.)
 "Count your blessings, not your problems."

That's cool.

Yes, it is.

I hand daughter her shirt, pat son on the head and smile.  I reach over son's head for mug and take my first, long sip of coffee.

Monday, April 21, 2008


My son asks, Have you seen that cross that they carry down the aisle at the beginning of Mass?

I nod.

Have you noticed that if you turn it upside down, it looks like a sword?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

baby (duck) steps

Shortly after we moved into our new home, my husband discovered a bird's nest in a little alcove under our mailbox.  (It's for the newspaper that we have not yet subscribed to).  He thought it was just sticks and grass so he poked around and then realized what he'd found.  The mama bird never returned.

Today, the hubbie was pulling weeds from the front garden and under some small shrubbery, he disturbed a mother duck--who scared the living *!%* out of my husband before she flew away.  He saw the eggs--swears he didn't actually touch them--but I'm wondering if she'll come back.  She flew off but was keeping an eye on him as he continued weeding and told us about the encounter.

Any guesses on if this mama is ever coming back?  If she doesn't incubate the eggs will they hatch?

(Of course, the hubbie found the weeds--and the eggs--after he went out to clean smashed eggs off of an outside garage window.  He blames highschool kids but I've heard lots of very vocal birds the last few mornings--I'm thinking we had an earlier aves-related mishap).

Update:  Mama duck was back under the shrubbery last night.  Hubbie admitted he's surprised the duck before--it just wasn't as up close and personal.  Maybe we'll have a little row of ducklings following mama to the pond soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby steps

I recycle, put E85 into my fuel tank and try to remember to bring my own bags to the grocery store.

Now that we have brought another child into the world however, it is time to work a little harder at lessening the impact we are making on the planet.  Yes--I know it is quite overdue--it is time to stop using disposable diapers.

For those of you who are already more evolved than I, perhaps you can share your wisdom. Any favorite brands?  

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayers again, please

If you have a second, please remember my FIL in your prayers.  He is back in hospital with an infection.  Thanks!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Easter Mystery revealed

If you call me "Aunt Lory," stop reading this and please go draw a picture for me.  I can't wait to see it!  Thank you!


She was testing the waters well before Easter so I knew it was coming, it was simply a matter of when.  Maybe I was just ready to give up the charade with her as I could tell she was testing us and this time, I refused to play along.

Many times, during the weeks before Easter, she told me that she could not wait until Easter to see what Webkinz she would get in her Easter basket.  Though I explained that the Easter Bunny has never brought her a Webkinz before, she listed the pals in her class who had received one the prior year.

We explained that Easter "is not Christmas."  (When we celebrate Jesus's birthday, everyone (except Him) gets presents.  When we celebrate the fact that he conquered death, fulfilled an ancient prophecy and appeared to several people after he died---we color eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.))

Over the years, they have received small bunnies, bunny pens or pencils and books in their baskets along with candy.  They remember getting small gifts from their grandparents last year but they were with us to celebrate.  This year, they did each get an Easter DVD as well so I guess they DO get presents.  I just kept refusing to go and purchase another Webkinz, just because it was Easter.  (They each have over a dozen Webkinz, so this is not a boycott--just me making a lame attempt at making a point.)  She kept repeating that she could not wait to see what Webkinz she was going to get and I intentionally let her down.

Two days ago, while playing with her baby brother and avoiding eye-contact with me, she simply stated, "I know you are the Easter Bunny."  When my comment about my normal-sized ears did not dissuade her, I figured it was time to come clean.  I have felt guilty about misleading her a couple of years ago when she tried to ask me about the Tooth Fairy and I figured now she was old enough.  (Of course, she was not completely sure and was clearly hoping I'd offer some other explanation.)  She told me that she was pretty sure because EVERYONE in her class got at least one Webkinz from the Easter Bunny, except for her.  She was also suspicious of the plate of Hershey's kisses that were left on a plate in the middle of the table Easter morning because the plate was not there when she went to bed.  ("The bunny" leaves a plate of candy for the entire family every year but she was looking for some other clue.)

She is disappointed.  She is not happy about my request that she not tell her little brother but she hasn't totally given up.  Whether it's an attempt to hold on to the magic or look out for her materialistic interests, she did bother to tell me, "Don't worry.  I still believe in Santa."

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The apple never falls far

I was told, on occasion, that I was a smart-aleck.
I was told, on several occasions, of my mother's wish that I would have a child just like me, one day.
I have heard from many sources that I give my daughter far too many choices.

So this morning should have come as no surprise.

N, if you're feeling motivated, could you please change the baby?

Umm, I'm not feeling motivated today.

Monday, April 07, 2008

All is secure

I have a cell phone should an emergency arise and now I have OnStar, should I not have my cell phone.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  We have an alarm system on the house but the windows are pretty secure and we have deadbolts on the doors.

While I'm sure that a savvy burglar who really wants to get in can,  a mom who has just successfully gotten three kids into the car but has locked the house keys, car keys and the cell phone in the house is simply stuck.  (My daughter was right--OnStar does not help if you can't start the car!)

I have the high-tech backups for all sorts of emergencies but as it turns out, what I need is a hide-a-key.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Coolin' and Droolin'

I try to play classical music for the baby when the older kids are not around.  (Then it's Hannah Montana 90% of the time, with a little Radio Disney sprinkled in.)  I use the word "classical" to include Mozart, Bach and the Beatles, so we have a little variation!

This morning however, I knew soothing music would have me asleep at the wheel before we got home from taking the others to school.  So I switched.  

The baby had been quietly drooling and playing with a toy in the backseat.  When Whole Lotta Love began playing however, he started singing (baby singing, but singing, nonetheless) and didn't stop until the last beat of the song.  

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We're back

We are getting back into the swing of things here after being gone last week.  Hopefully I'll get back into writing and blogging a little more regularly, soon!  I am trying to catch up on laundry and sleep.  (I always tell my husband that I need a vacation after our vacations!)  I was complaining that I had to reschedule a hair appointment before we left so the gray is making another appearance (matches the dark circles under the eyes) and then I  totally forgot about my new appointment today until it was too late.  (I really have to start sticking reminders to my kids!)  (Of course, if these are my worst issues, life is pretty darn good!)

Last week was busy but it was great!  At the last minute, we decided to take the kids to Washington D.C.  The kids, of course, were most interested in the hotel's pool but we were able to see some great, historical places and some interesting museums.  The National Air and Space Museum was the biggest hit with the kids.  

We were able to catch up with one of my old friends from back home and his family. We had a wonderful time and my daughter even included the dinner in her school journal.  Her assignment was to write what she did over Spring Break, so along with her favorite D.C. sites, she wrote that she had dinner with "old friends."  When I smiled, she explained that E is her friend.  (I love that to N, a 16-month old that she just met is an "old friend!")

Of course, they tired easily and "almost died" from the walking (these are the same kids that can dance and perform gymnastics to Radio Disney for hours) but they had some fun along the way!  The baby won't remember any of it so hopefully we can get back when everyone is a little older.  Perhaps we'll do some hiking/training in advance before we go back!