Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Easter Mystery revealed

If you call me "Aunt Lory," stop reading this and please go draw a picture for me.  I can't wait to see it!  Thank you!


She was testing the waters well before Easter so I knew it was coming, it was simply a matter of when.  Maybe I was just ready to give up the charade with her as I could tell she was testing us and this time, I refused to play along.

Many times, during the weeks before Easter, she told me that she could not wait until Easter to see what Webkinz she would get in her Easter basket.  Though I explained that the Easter Bunny has never brought her a Webkinz before, she listed the pals in her class who had received one the prior year.

We explained that Easter "is not Christmas."  (When we celebrate Jesus's birthday, everyone (except Him) gets presents.  When we celebrate the fact that he conquered death, fulfilled an ancient prophecy and appeared to several people after he died---we color eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.))

Over the years, they have received small bunnies, bunny pens or pencils and books in their baskets along with candy.  They remember getting small gifts from their grandparents last year but they were with us to celebrate.  This year, they did each get an Easter DVD as well so I guess they DO get presents.  I just kept refusing to go and purchase another Webkinz, just because it was Easter.  (They each have over a dozen Webkinz, so this is not a boycott--just me making a lame attempt at making a point.)  She kept repeating that she could not wait to see what Webkinz she was going to get and I intentionally let her down.

Two days ago, while playing with her baby brother and avoiding eye-contact with me, she simply stated, "I know you are the Easter Bunny."  When my comment about my normal-sized ears did not dissuade her, I figured it was time to come clean.  I have felt guilty about misleading her a couple of years ago when she tried to ask me about the Tooth Fairy and I figured now she was old enough.  (Of course, she was not completely sure and was clearly hoping I'd offer some other explanation.)  She told me that she was pretty sure because EVERYONE in her class got at least one Webkinz from the Easter Bunny, except for her.  She was also suspicious of the plate of Hershey's kisses that were left on a plate in the middle of the table Easter morning because the plate was not there when she went to bed.  ("The bunny" leaves a plate of candy for the entire family every year but she was looking for some other clue.)

She is disappointed.  She is not happy about my request that she not tell her little brother but she hasn't totally given up.  Whether it's an attempt to hold on to the magic or look out for her materialistic interests, she did bother to tell me, "Don't worry.  I still believe in Santa."

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