Monday, April 28, 2008

Count your blessings

Kids, let's GO!

Mom, my shirt is missing a button.

That's OK.  Just wear a different shirt and I'll fix it today.

I can't!  It's FRIDAY.  We have to wear the shirts with the logos on them to Mass and I only have this one.

Do you know where the button is?


I have some in my sewing kit. *sigh*  I need a cup of coffee.

(Hubbie is walking by, on his way out the door.) There are extra buttons on the bottom of my dress shirts.  Use one of those.

Thanks.  (Kiss)  I'll find the sewing kit.  I just need a sip of coffee.

MOM!  Can I just pull the button off of Dad's shirt?

*LOUD SIGH* I will be right there!  Do not pull anything off of Dad's shirt!  I'm getting a cup of coffee.

Hey, Mom?  Have you seen my belt?

I'm sure it's on the floor of your closet but I'll help you look.  Just let me pour that coffee.

MOM?  I'm getting that button, OK?

*Storm upstairs*  I will get it.  Go eat your breakfast.

(Look in laundry room for scissors and sewing kit.  Find neither.  Grab another pair of scissors and gently remove button from dress shirt.)

MOM!  Is the baby up yet?

No but he will be if you keep yelling.


*sigh* I bring the button downstairs.  The sewing kit must be in the mud room.

Hi, Mom!  Did you get my belt when you were upstairs?

*Blink and sigh*  No.  I need to find my sewing kit and get a cup of coffee.

You have a sewing kit?

*Blink and nod*  Hard to believe, I know.

Wait, Mom!  I've got it!  You don't have to fix my shirt!    I'll just wear a t-shirt under it!  Then people will see more white--they won't know!

 I'll fix it.  Have you seen my sewing kit?

Nope.  Is breakfast ready?  When B comes over after school, can you take us to the park?  What are we going to have for lunch?  Did you remember it's a half-day, today?

Yes, maybe, we'll see and yes.  Let me get a cup of coffee and then I'll find that sewing kit.
 (Where IS that thing?)  I say a prayer out loud and another to St. Anthony to help me find the sewing kit.  (I'm trying to teach the kids to ask for divine help when mom isn't quick enough!)  I repeat the prayer as I look through every room and still can't find it.  I need a cup of coffee.
I get my coffee mug, pour a splash of milk in.  Aha!  It's on top of the fridge--found the sewing kit!  

OK, let's fix that shirt!

That's your sewing kit?


It looks like a shoe box.

I nod and realize I never poured the coffee.  I grab the mug and almost step on the toes of my shadow, behind me.

What does your mug say?  Can I read it?

Yes. (I finish sewing the button while he turns and reads the words on the mug.)
 "Count your blessings, not your problems."

That's cool.

Yes, it is.

I hand daughter her shirt, pat son on the head and smile.  I reach over son's head for mug and take my first, long sip of coffee.


jocelynka said...

I hope your morning gets better and those type of mornings don't happen TOO often. I'm hope J stayed asleep for some of the morning rushes for you.

LoryKC said...

(I did make C find his own belt. N could probably sew her own button, too, when we have more than 10 minutes to get it all done!) ;)
It's all good--got my coffee ahead of the "rush" this morning and it went much more smoothly!