Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We're back

We are getting back into the swing of things here after being gone last week.  Hopefully I'll get back into writing and blogging a little more regularly, soon!  I am trying to catch up on laundry and sleep.  (I always tell my husband that I need a vacation after our vacations!)  I was complaining that I had to reschedule a hair appointment before we left so the gray is making another appearance (matches the dark circles under the eyes) and then I  totally forgot about my new appointment today until it was too late.  (I really have to start sticking reminders to my kids!)  (Of course, if these are my worst issues, life is pretty darn good!)

Last week was busy but it was great!  At the last minute, we decided to take the kids to Washington D.C.  The kids, of course, were most interested in the hotel's pool but we were able to see some great, historical places and some interesting museums.  The National Air and Space Museum was the biggest hit with the kids.  

We were able to catch up with one of my old friends from back home and his family. We had a wonderful time and my daughter even included the dinner in her school journal.  Her assignment was to write what she did over Spring Break, so along with her favorite D.C. sites, she wrote that she had dinner with "old friends."  When I smiled, she explained that E is her friend.  (I love that to N, a 16-month old that she just met is an "old friend!")

Of course, they tired easily and "almost died" from the walking (these are the same kids that can dance and perform gymnastics to Radio Disney for hours) but they had some fun along the way!  The baby won't remember any of it so hopefully we can get back when everyone is a little older.  Perhaps we'll do some hiking/training in advance before we go back!


aaron said...

She must have meant that Kathy & I are old friends, while E is a new friend. :)

We're so glad we got to see you while you were in our neck of the woods, and that you had a good enough time to consider coming back.

LoryKC said...

It was really great to see you all and thanks again! (The gifts were perfect! You would think the bunny was velcroed to Natalie!)

I still have to figure out how to email photos from my phone. ( I'm sure my daughter will figure it out before I will!) She has already changed my wallpaper so when I flip my phone open, I see your daughter!

Let us know if you're ever headed this way--we have a full finished basement with full bath ready for guests--though my daughter might request that yours sleep in her room! ;)