Friday, February 29, 2008

Sticking it to the kids

I'm sure I've mentioned my poor memory at some point here, I just can't recall.

I've tried lists, asking my children to remind me and my latest trick is a dry-erase board.

I've got a new idea now which may be worth every penny of tuition we've paid this year, if not more!  My son came home from school wearing one of those stick-on name tags but where you would normally see a name written, it said, "Mrs. R, You have a hair appointment at 3:30."

Apparently his teacher had forgotten her hair appointment the day before.  The school secretary printed out these labels and stuck one on each child in Mrs. R's class yesterday.  Genius!

I've often told my kids that I need to stick a "post-it" to my forehead but it's awfully hard to read it up there.  Now I know where to stick them!


jocelynka said...

That's a great problem would be trying to remember what to write on the note in the first place.

Rene said...

that's a good idea. I carry a day planner around all the time. I find if I don't write it down, I'm toast.