Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marking time

I'm not a huge fan of exercise.  I know I have to do it ~ so I make it as entertaining as I can.  I've got quite a selection of music on the iPod now to inspire me to go a little further or a little faster.

Do you all work out to music?  

Am I the only former band-geek who finds that, whether I am walking or running, I must begin each new song on my left foot?  


aaron said...

Band-geek? Wait, do you "fall" for this?

jocelynka said...

If and when I work out, I need to have either music or something on in front of me. I am not a former band geek, but that sounds pretty odd to me :) I'm sure it looks funny :) I know it's not very supportive of me.

LoryKC said...

Ha! Thank you ~ I needed the laugh!!
(I'm not that bad...) ;)

I often look funny. I'm used to it.

electric boogaloo said...

I have a whole playlist called "Confidence Rock" that includes such gems as:

I'm Too Sexy
I Will Survive
Too Legit To Quit (McHammer)
You're The Best (a la Karate Kid)

and many many more.

LoryKC said...

I might need to download a couple of those! ;)
Though my kids already love "I'm to Sexy!"
(Thanks to Shrek--or maybe Shrek 2?)

(Of course, I asked my son if he knew what "sexy" meant. He replied "hot!" So when I asked what "hot" means, he said "sexy." And round and round we go!)