Thursday, February 07, 2008

In his defense

Recently, I posted a few remarks from my son.  Lest you think that he spends his entire life making my blood pressure rise, I thought I'd share this one that just made my heart swell!  (It is a couple of weeks old but I keep this one posted on the refrigerator!)

In case you can't make out the first-grade handwriting in my small photo,  it says: you are the gratest mom in the hall wrld.
In case you can't read the first-grade spelling/handwriting, that translates to: you are the greatest mom in the whole world! 

I am more often in contention for the WMITW (Worst Mom In The World) Award, so I make sure to save things like this!


jocelynka said...

How sweet :) Yes, definitely keep this where you can see it everyday for both your benefit and to remind him :)

kacey said...

aw, that is so sweet! I sometimes run across stuff like that my boys did. Makes you remember you do some things right, doesn't it?

MaryP said...

Awwww... Put that somewhere safe! Speaking as a mother whose children's love notes are now pushing 20 years old (the oldest child is older!), I can confirm that they will never, ever cease to make your heart swell. (And anyone else's with whom you share them. Thanks!)

LoryKC said...

Joey, Kacey, Mary,
Thanks! Yes, I will be saving this one!