Thursday, February 21, 2008

Current events

N's class was discussing the primary elections.  When the teacher asked if anyone knew the names of any of the people running for President, N was happy that she could raise her hand.

She was proud as she told me, "I knew both of the Democrats, Mommy."  (That's my girl!)

"Who are they?"

"Obama and Clinton," she replied, smiling.

"That's right.  Do you know who the Republicans are?"

"I don't know them."

(He he.  Not what the hubbie would want to hear!)

"But Mommy?  Don't you think Hillary is a funny name for a boy?"
(Hmmm...guess she hasn't been watching the news coverage.)

"Ummm, Honey, Hillary Clinton is a woman."

"WHAT!?!?  There is a woman running for President?"

"Yes! "

"Well, I hope she doesn't win."

"Why not?"

"Because I want to be the first woman president!"


aaron said...

LMAO -- that's so funny!

jocelynka said...

That's quite a goal N! We'll see, she may still have a chance depending on what happens in the next couple of months. I'm glad she knows her Democrats though :)

Nancy said...

Thats my girl N!!!

electric boogaloo said...

Well there's always Sir Edmund...

Kacey said...

LOL! Well, maybe she will be.

Tracy said...

That a girl!! My daughter says there needs to be a woman in the whitehouse, but she herself would rather be a veterinarian. I'll tell her she can vote for your daughter! ... even if another woman gets there first!