Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring fever?

Is it time for spring cleaning, already?  

My house is never completely "up-to-snuff."  However, I try.  (Nevermind the fact that I'm blogging right now rather than folding laundry.)  The hubbie is much more of a neat-freak than I am so he does clean up around the house.  (We actually make a decent pair most of the time as I'm more worried about actual dirt and grime and he is more flustered by clutter.  My stack of 14 different pieces of paper, kid's spelling lists and a grocery list doesn't bother me.)

Over the last couple of weeks however, I've had one child home sick, then another, then we lathered, rinsed and repeated.  I do find that I stop to scrub a sink, Lysol the couch and throw day-old kitchen towels in the laundry much more often this week.  I've assumed it is just because I am TIRED of the infections running rampant through my home.

I have run across multiple blog posts this week from frustrated moms who feel that they can't keep up with their house this week, however.  Is this part of a larger trend? Is this a week for people across the nation to feel overpowered by housework?  Is it simply that the time for spring cleaning has arrived?


jocelynka said...

Your house sounds a lot like mine right now. And our hubby's sound similiar as well. I will clean grime, dirt, germs, anything that I think is dirty...but clutter doesn't get me (at least not too much). This week though, I seem to have been going non-stop. But then again, I was thinking it was because our routine was shot with M only being at school one day so far this week (and it's Thursday!) due to snow! I figure as long as the kids are taken care of, and the house for the most part is clean, who cares if there are piles of papers from the day on the counter :)

electric boogaloo said...

my unfortunate post was brought on by my mother-in-law. it gives a person a complex when your mother-in-law needs to comment on your lack of housekeeping.

LoryKC said...

As long as the kids are taken care of...they are just going to make more clutter, anyway! ;)

Ouch! I do stress before my MIL comes too--though has not (yet) made a comment. Perhaps yours needs to think back to when she had a small child or children!