Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quite bright at the end of the tunnel!

The baby has slept for a few hours at night here and there...I had glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's been cold, so I've been making sure he is nice and cozy in bed.  I bought "blanket sleepers" so I could zip him up in those and not worry about a blanket.  But I'm always cold, and try to keep the baby warmer than myself, so I've also been putting the crib blanket on him.  (Tucking him in, then tucking the blanket on each side of the mattress tightly, so he can't pull it up over his head.)

It looks like this kid is hot-blooded like his dad and sister, though.  Last night he managed to get that blanket loose and kicked it completely off.  And slept.  All night.

Bye-bye, blanket!


electric boogaloo said...

I just can't use myself as a guide. I'm cold, Violet has been hot blooded since birth, and Finn's lips turn blue at the first indication of cool air.

jocelynka said...

I'm glad he slept all night for you! Try it again without a blanket again tonight...it may continue. R just got used to sleeping with covers on, up until now he always kicked them off. I still have to cover him up after he falls asleep, but at least he's still covered in the mornings now.
Stay warm :)

LoryKC said...

I still had to second-guess myself! I put him down around 930pm and it felt a little cool to me so I still put the comforter on him. He slept until 130am.
After his "midnight snack," I took the blanket out of the bed completely and put him back in.
He slept until I had to wake him to get his siblings to school!

(I am clearly not a quick learner but the blanket is OUT, now!)