Friday, January 26, 2007

Required reading

My blood pressure was high during my doctor's visit this week. Higher than we'd like but not astronomical, so the doctor gave me a week to check it at home each day before we get too concerned.

Frankly, being at the doctor's or even looking at the blood pressure cuff usually increases my heart rate a little! So yesterday, before I wrapped the cuff around my arm, my hubbie instructed me to sit still for at least five minutes. I did but my result was no better than Tuesday.

"Are you sure you sat for FIVE minutes?" hubbie asked.

I sighed and reminded my son it was time to sit and read for twenty minutes. He grabbed a "chapter book" (each chapter is just over two pages). We sat and the book took us exactly twenty minutes to read.

I checked my blood pressure once more when we were done. It was normal!

If I followed Rene's idea and set the timer for twenty minutes to write, another twenty for dishes, etc., I would complete much more during the day. C is also supposed to "read" (and/or listen) to a book for 20 minutes as his homework. If we set a timer and stick to that, it looks like it's better for my health as well! (If I could squeeze in another 20 minutes to read a novel, it would help my heart rate and my writing!)

I've read many times that for a writer, reading is not a luxury--it is a requirement. I need to treat it as such!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maybe on Shania's next album

After hearing it on the radio the other day, both my kids have been singing the song. C however, doesn't sing it quite right.

"Man, I feel like THE woman!"

N starts rolling her eyes. "C, it's 'A Woman. I feel like a woman. Not THE woman!'"

C shrugs his shoulders. "Fine! I feel like the woman! I mean, I feel like A woman!" He shakes his hips. "I wish I could BE a woman!"

I don't think there is a country song for that yet.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 drink minimum Tuesday

I was at the doctor's office today for my annual visit and the nurse asks, "Do you smoke or drink?"

I answer, "No and yes."

She looks up so I try to make it more acceptable. "Wine at night."

"I'll put occasionally," she says.

Sure--let's go with that.
The hubbie had lasik eye surgery today. He's doing well. On the ride home, he could see speed limit signs much earlier than he could see them before.

I mentally ran through the stock in my kitchen cupboards and asked what he'd like for lunch and he offered to take me out to lunch. (I was driving and his vision was blurring in one eye but it was a nice idea for him to take me to lunch.) So we went. He had to eat with sunglasses on but I got to pretend I was out with a celebrity.
The daughter screamed at me and called me a liar today after I would not let her have a playdate--umm, "work date" on a Tuesday. (After other difficulties in the past, we have instituted a "Friday only" rule for playdates for her. So she and her friend have been explaining that they have to finish a poster for class. They are the only two working on it but the teacher specifically asked them. ) Sure.

She got away with this one when her grandparents were here. I called her on it but she's trying it again. Of course, it's with a new friend so I guess she figures it is worth a shot.
My son (almost 6 years old) asked his friend's younger sister (4 yrs) to marry him today. I wasn't there but their mother told me he found a flower, hid it behind his back, bowed to her and asked if she would please marry him.

She turned him down.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A new day is coming

I've mentioned my daughter's best friend before. I know she is a good kid but she still wears on my nerves.

Two Fridays ago, my daughter invited the BF and another mutual friend over. The other friend is unfailingly polite and helpful and I made sure to continually thank her for it in front of the other two girls.

When the evening was over, I tried not to be negative about the BF. (I have to try really hard and I'm not always successful!) So I kept saying, "I just love M!"

At bedtime, my daughter was mentioning how the mutual friend helped her clean up and treated her things nicely. And then the light bulb popped up right over my daughter's head. "You know Mom, [BF] doesn't even care about my stuff."

The Hallelujah chorus ran through my head but I just nodded.

Though my daughter and the BF have spent almost every Friday afternoon together during the last two years, last Friday she only wanted to invite M over again. I said it was fine with me but asked if she had told the BF.

"No, because if I tell her I'm having M over she will ask if she can come too and I want some time with just M today."

Again, fine by me! I was hoping to get them in the car without attracting too much attention but the BF did see and was not pleased.

The two friends may be in for a tough day today. I remember how girls get when they think someone else may be becoming "the best friend."

On the other hand, I'm glad that my daughter is recognizing how much happier everyone is when she brings home a friend that respects not only her things but her family members as well.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Two children provide balance in life!

When I was 8 years old, Grease appeared in theaters and I was introduced to Olivia Newton-John. For the next several years, I wanted to BE Olivia.

Today, the hubbie and kids brought the movie home on DVD from Blockbuster. My 8-year-old daughter looked at the photo on the cover and said, "Mom! This picture of Olivia Newton-John looks like you in your highschool picture!"

It is not true but it totally justifies labor pains! She's such a sweet, pretty girl!

A few hours later, emboldened by my daughter's comments and a few sips of red wine, I began singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" while I prepared dinner.

"Mom! Stop!"

I turn to my son. "Because you don't like my singing?" Or because you can't hear the tv?"

"Just stop."

"OK. It will cost you a kiss."

He runs over and plants a big kiss right on my lips!

All is quiet for a few minutes as I continue to make dinner. Then, I slip up. I begin humming and then--yes, singing.

"MOM! I KISSED you!"


Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Ice Storm Cometh

We've had freezing rain, snow and ice since Friday evening. Perfect weather for staying in and go through all the things I need to give away before we move! I mean, perfect weather to stay in and write.

While I haven't written as much as I should or want to , at least I've gotten enough done that I'm not so frustrated anymore. At the end of the day yesterday, I started to complain that I'd still gotten "nothing done." Instead, I was happy about what I had accomplished: my daughter and I had done a few loads of laundry, I listened to my daughter read a part of one of her favorite books, I played a game of chess with each of my children and two games of checkers with my daughter. It was a good day.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Technical difficulties

My computer is fine--I am really talking about operator-error. I.can.not.use.MySpace.

I tried multiple times to establish an account so I could comment on my BIL's space but it would not let me join! Today, after following a link from Joshilyn's blog, I tried and it let me join right away! Yay! Except--no. I have a myspace account, apparently. It says that I am single and childless, which is not true. I cannot figure out how to get back in!

I already have a friend! How is this possible?

I tried to just delete the whole thing and I cannot even figure out how to do that!

This confirms my earlier suspicions that MySpace is for the younger, hip generation. I do not have the skills.
UPDATE: OK, I did figure out how to change my marital status, etc. I still can't figure out how to just delete the whole thing.
(Yes! I am supposed to be WRITING! I'm going...)

Procrastination cleans my house!

I vowed to finish the novel in early 2007. Then I signed on to participate in a writing group to keep myself accountable. They have not heard much from me!

Wednesday, with some amount of free time available, I realized that I'd been letting lots of housework slide when I was attempting to get the book done at then end of 2006. So I washed, dried and folded several loads of laundry, vacuumed the entire house (including the basement) and washed the floors (and even some doors)! My house is CLEAN!

I did not write a word.

Yesterday my son had a playdate after kindergarten so I had the whole school day to myself! With a clean house, I knew I could justify planting myself in the chair and writing. Instead, I went for a run (it was a beautiful day and I knew that'd be changing soon) and went bloghopping.

So TODAY is the day! The hubbie has the day off so he can play with C, N wants to bring friends home so they should keep her entertained and everyone still has clean socks and underwear so I'm good to go!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's that time again!

It's De-lurking week! I'd forgotten until I stopped by AGK's site so I'm a bit behind --but what else is new?

Stop by and lurk the rest of the year but this week, speak up and let us know who you are! (Now that I've upgraded to the "new blogger" my comments from last year were wiped out so feel free to speak up again this year!)

This was started by Paper Napkin so in your free time, take a peek over there and say hello, too!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reflections of you

I'm wearing my favorite earrings. They're big! They're fun!

They are silver so they go with just about anything but they may also be my favorite because someone compliments them every time I wear them! It is easy to smile when someone tells you how great your earrings are but I'm also having fun. I don't think that people consciously realize that when they look at my earrings, they're staring at a small reflection of themselves.

(My son totally understands but he's five and cannot pass up a chance to admire his reflection!)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Everywhere you look...

How could I have missed it? I have been guessing for two years now...trying to determine just who my daughter's best friend resembles. I've guessed one of my childhood friends, one of my highschool friends, someone on tv...

...and then the other night--there she was! The BF was here for a sleepover and she and my daughter were watching yet another episode of Full House. As I looked from the BF to the screen and back--I couldn't believe I hadn't made the connection before! (The similarities go far beyond looks—though the BF does have much better fashion sense!)

My daughter's best friend is Kimmy Gibbler!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The twelfth day

For my mom, who used to celebrate today, and Ukrainians who are celebrating today---Merry Little Christmas!

It is also the Feast of the Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas and for some people--the beginning of Carnival season! (Put the advent calendars away and start counting the days until your favorite Mardi Gras Krewes start rolling!)

The sun is shining here; there is not a cloud in the sky! My daughter's sleepover guest has gone home AND they actually slept last night! It is a good day!

I hope you all have a reason to celebrate today!

Friday, January 05, 2007

The philosopher and the fashionista

A conversation from yesterday:

Me: Remember that you have an all-school Mass tomorrow morning.

C & N: Awwwww.....

Me: Ahem.

C looks up for a second, then states a little louder: I love church!

Me: You do?

C: Yes! It's God's house!

N's comment is softer: I think I'll wear my black Mary Janes but I'm just not sure what top I should wear...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm ready for my close up

One lory sips nectar from a cup in Lory's hand; another lory waits for her turn and yet another is perched on Lory's head.

(Thank goodness Lory's new jacket is easy to wipe clean!)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

May 2007 bring you much happiness and good fortune!