Monday, January 22, 2007

A new day is coming

I've mentioned my daughter's best friend before. I know she is a good kid but she still wears on my nerves.

Two Fridays ago, my daughter invited the BF and another mutual friend over. The other friend is unfailingly polite and helpful and I made sure to continually thank her for it in front of the other two girls.

When the evening was over, I tried not to be negative about the BF. (I have to try really hard and I'm not always successful!) So I kept saying, "I just love M!"

At bedtime, my daughter was mentioning how the mutual friend helped her clean up and treated her things nicely. And then the light bulb popped up right over my daughter's head. "You know Mom, [BF] doesn't even care about my stuff."

The Hallelujah chorus ran through my head but I just nodded.

Though my daughter and the BF have spent almost every Friday afternoon together during the last two years, last Friday she only wanted to invite M over again. I said it was fine with me but asked if she had told the BF.

"No, because if I tell her I'm having M over she will ask if she can come too and I want some time with just M today."

Again, fine by me! I was hoping to get them in the car without attracting too much attention but the BF did see and was not pleased.

The two friends may be in for a tough day today. I remember how girls get when they think someone else may be becoming "the best friend."

On the other hand, I'm glad that my daughter is recognizing how much happier everyone is when she brings home a friend that respects not only her things but her family members as well.


Rene said...

I've already been there and it was in kindergarten. I have the kid everyone wants over. She's polite and helpful and very accomadating (she's nothing like this at home). But she bring friends over and I cringe like you do.

Yeah, this detour is going to be tough for your daughter, that's for sure, but I think she is showing maturity.

chosha said...

That's a breakthrough. Let's hope she's always as discerning - it's a good lesson to learn young.

LoryKC said...

Thanks! This week seemed to go much smoother than I expected. I don't know if it was not as big a deal as I thought it might be or if she is avoiding her friend at school. I'm trying to let her handle it so we'll see how it goes!

Here's hoping!!