Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 drink minimum Tuesday

I was at the doctor's office today for my annual visit and the nurse asks, "Do you smoke or drink?"

I answer, "No and yes."

She looks up so I try to make it more acceptable. "Wine at night."

"I'll put occasionally," she says.

Sure--let's go with that.
The hubbie had lasik eye surgery today. He's doing well. On the ride home, he could see speed limit signs much earlier than he could see them before.

I mentally ran through the stock in my kitchen cupboards and asked what he'd like for lunch and he offered to take me out to lunch. (I was driving and his vision was blurring in one eye but it was a nice idea for him to take me to lunch.) So we went. He had to eat with sunglasses on but I got to pretend I was out with a celebrity.
The daughter screamed at me and called me a liar today after I would not let her have a playdate--umm, "work date" on a Tuesday. (After other difficulties in the past, we have instituted a "Friday only" rule for playdates for her. So she and her friend have been explaining that they have to finish a poster for class. They are the only two working on it but the teacher specifically asked them. ) Sure.

She got away with this one when her grandparents were here. I called her on it but she's trying it again. Of course, it's with a new friend so I guess she figures it is worth a shot.
My son (almost 6 years old) asked his friend's younger sister (4 yrs) to marry him today. I wasn't there but their mother told me he found a flower, hid it behind his back, bowed to her and asked if she would please marry him.

She turned him down.


chosha said...

I'd be tempted to say yes, on the condition that they have only one hour to work on it together, at the dining table, where you are sitting working on something of your own. Work date? Great, then let it be work, only.

I love that proposal story. So cute!

Nancy said...

Awe, what a sweet boy. Is T. all right after the surgery? With N, well relax and have another glass of wine Nancy

LoryKC said...

I've been tempted, too, but she has a report due next week that is not complete yet either. If she gets that done in time, sure.

They're both due next week so we have time!!

He is. T is OK--some discomfort but he's better and is sleeping now.
(And I did have two!)

Global Greenscape said...

Your sis...who likes to read over...well on...my shoulder as I'm reading your blog blurted out laughing when she read..."sure we'll go with that"...on the wine.

Glad to hear T had the lasik. I want to but am too scared. I've lived with the glasses this long.

Little E and M are into telling little white lies themselves now. What's best about it is they are so easily caught and then you ask them did you do this...Ummm....Ummm...they'reyes rolling to the ceiling...Umm...No? Yeah...okay.

Tell C not to worry about. Slow and persistenent always wins the race. Look how long it took your Dziadzia to win Bobcia!!