Friday, January 26, 2007

Required reading

My blood pressure was high during my doctor's visit this week. Higher than we'd like but not astronomical, so the doctor gave me a week to check it at home each day before we get too concerned.

Frankly, being at the doctor's or even looking at the blood pressure cuff usually increases my heart rate a little! So yesterday, before I wrapped the cuff around my arm, my hubbie instructed me to sit still for at least five minutes. I did but my result was no better than Tuesday.

"Are you sure you sat for FIVE minutes?" hubbie asked.

I sighed and reminded my son it was time to sit and read for twenty minutes. He grabbed a "chapter book" (each chapter is just over two pages). We sat and the book took us exactly twenty minutes to read.

I checked my blood pressure once more when we were done. It was normal!

If I followed Rene's idea and set the timer for twenty minutes to write, another twenty for dishes, etc., I would complete much more during the day. C is also supposed to "read" (and/or listen) to a book for 20 minutes as his homework. If we set a timer and stick to that, it looks like it's better for my health as well! (If I could squeeze in another 20 minutes to read a novel, it would help my heart rate and my writing!)

I've read many times that for a writer, reading is not a luxury--it is a requirement. I need to treat it as such!


Global Greenscape said...

Just take some time for yourself!! That is really the key. I forget this from time to time myself as my blog that I am going to type today will attest. But you just need to stop and smell the roses and take some time each day to center yourself and your mind.

I had high BP several years ago myself. Once you actually make time for yourself and find the thing/hobby that calms the chaos in the mind...the bp will correct itself.

Global Greenscape said...

Your loving and kind hearted sister H said that genetically speaking...YOU'RE SCREWED!

And I always call this kind woman my little saint H.

Joey said...

I wish I could say you weren't following in genetics too, but as your younger sister I can say you probably are. Mine still isn't where I want it to be after having the kids (I'm sure with diet and exercise, I could help that...but that is HARD!). However, even if BP wasn't a factor, definitely read! I know it has never been a problem for you. My problem is finding a good one to read. I will probably just reread HP#5 before the movie, and then reread #6 before #7 comes out. They are not exactly stress relieving, but they're good! Enjoy your reading! :)

Margaret said...

Ugh, High BP. I'm a month in on medication now - my last resort. Loosing 20lbs will really help as well as my PCOS problems - but until I loose 20lbs I can't stroke out or anything. I finally decided to take medicine. It took a week or two for me to get used to it - but now my BP is down and I actually feel much better with more energy than before. Headaches are gone too! Best of luck with yours.