Friday, January 12, 2007

Technical difficulties

My computer is fine--I am really talking about operator-error. I.can.not.use.MySpace.

I tried multiple times to establish an account so I could comment on my BIL's space but it would not let me join! Today, after following a link from Joshilyn's blog, I tried and it let me join right away! Yay! Except--no. I have a myspace account, apparently. It says that I am single and childless, which is not true. I cannot figure out how to get back in!

I already have a friend! How is this possible?

I tried to just delete the whole thing and I cannot even figure out how to do that!

This confirms my earlier suspicions that MySpace is for the younger, hip generation. I do not have the skills.
UPDATE: OK, I did figure out how to change my marital status, etc. I still can't figure out how to just delete the whole thing.
(Yes! I am supposed to be WRITING! I'm going...)


Rene said...

Actually, most MySpace users are now over the age of 30. The hipster crowd has migrated to other sites.

I have a MySpace and I find it pretty easy to use. When you log into your page, click on account settings in the "Hi, <>" box. It gives you an option to cancel your account.

You should be writing instead.

LoryKC said...

Thanks! I've canceled it. I can't keep up with this blog much of the time--I have no business getting involved with another!

For my pals out there on My Space, you are used to not receiving comments from me so we'll just keep it that way! I'll still stop by and read and then quietly move on.