Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maybe on Shania's next album

After hearing it on the radio the other day, both my kids have been singing the song. C however, doesn't sing it quite right.

"Man, I feel like THE woman!"

N starts rolling her eyes. "C, it's 'A Woman. I feel like a woman. Not THE woman!'"

C shrugs his shoulders. "Fine! I feel like the woman! I mean, I feel like A woman!" He shakes his hips. "I wish I could BE a woman!"

I don't think there is a country song for that yet.


Jocelynka said...

I hope he doesn't wish that just because the little girl earlier turned him down on his proposal! Sounds like you are having fun with them.

Global Greenscape said...

See...this is my concern with L too. You K girls are teaching the sons too many feminine things! H lets L play with the sister's dolls. You let N sing songs that make him want to BE a woman.

T and myself are trying to raise boys that will play for the Irish. But...I do have to say...I like that song too. :)