Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New car

When there are no friends in the car, everyone can sit without touching another person!  
I can tote as many children as will fit and still not lose cargo space!
Everyone can get out of the car without doing front-flips over other seats.
I have a sensor that lets me know if something or someone is behind the car when it's in reverse; I can make the backseat colder or warmer than the front; I am sitting higher and can see more of the world around me while I am driving.

I cannot see a lunchbox left in the backseat for the duration of the school day.


jocelynka said...

Congratulations on the new car. Maybe they should make a "lunchbox/backback reminder sensor", as I'm sure it happens to others as well. What did you get?

LoryKC said...

Black Suburban. I can join in a presidential motorcade and no one would know the difference! ;)
T wanted a Suburban and I kept reminding him I've never gotten my black car so, there you go!

jocelynka said...

Good, I'm glad you finally got your black car. There definitely should be enough room then in there. As for joining the motorcade, I don't know if I would do don't know who you would be escorting around yet :)

LoryKC said...

It's not one of the hybrids I was looking at but the rest of my family keeps whining that they're SQUISHED!
In truth, now that the hubbie drops them off at school on his way to work many days, I really don't drive too I allowed myself to be swept along...and now I'm back in the bus*!

*A child I used to babysit asked if our old Suburban was a bus! When you're 2years old, it certainly seems like one!