Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We bought the exersaucer with all sorts of toys, sounds, textures, etc.

In true baby fashion, he was much more interested in the box than the actual toy.  He is too young to really play with the box but he was fascinated with the baby girl pictured on the box!  

The box went out with the recycling yesterday however, so now he is stuck with an overwhelming amount of toys.  He's currently chewing on his spit rag.


poopsy said...

The ubiquitous exersaucer. I almost had to pay someone to take mine off my hands. My kids only went in there when they were gnawing something messy. Otherwise they stood outside it, or laid in the bottom.

Kellie said...

Mine loved their exersaucer! Hours of entertainment! Just read the directions carefully about ages and amount of time in use, as well as when to raise the height.