Monday, April 07, 2008

All is secure

I have a cell phone should an emergency arise and now I have OnStar, should I not have my cell phone.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  We have an alarm system on the house but the windows are pretty secure and we have deadbolts on the doors.

While I'm sure that a savvy burglar who really wants to get in can,  a mom who has just successfully gotten three kids into the car but has locked the house keys, car keys and the cell phone in the house is simply stuck.  (My daughter was right--OnStar does not help if you can't start the car!)

I have the high-tech backups for all sorts of emergencies but as it turns out, what I need is a hide-a-key.


jocelynka said...

It happens to the best of us :)

Tracy said...

Been there! More times than I'd like to admit!!

poopsy said...

how come they can unlock your doors, but not start the car? bummer. they should just drive it for you too. that would be nice!

~electric boogaloo (too lazy to change profiles!)

LoryKC said...

Joey and Tracy,
It was Monday! (Which meant, of course, the hubbie had to be at another clinic MILES away so he could not run home and rescue us.) Just another manic Monday!
(Today is hump-day--I'm much more optimistic!) ;)

I needed the cell phone to call! I tried squeezing my eyes and willing them to sense my distress but I had not had enough coffee yet, I guess. (I locked that in the house, too).
They should drive it for you,too! If they could just come pick my kids up--our own personal school bus--life would be GRAND!