Thursday, April 03, 2008

Coolin' and Droolin'

I try to play classical music for the baby when the older kids are not around.  (Then it's Hannah Montana 90% of the time, with a little Radio Disney sprinkled in.)  I use the word "classical" to include Mozart, Bach and the Beatles, so we have a little variation!

This morning however, I knew soothing music would have me asleep at the wheel before we got home from taking the others to school.  So I switched.  

The baby had been quietly drooling and playing with a toy in the backseat.  When Whole Lotta Love began playing however, he started singing (baby singing, but singing, nonetheless) and didn't stop until the last beat of the song.  

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jocelynka said...

Too funny. I remember M would kick a lot when I had REM going. Now, he still seems to like them. I'm glad you are giving some variety in there. Funny tangent on the Beatles. We were watching Wheel of Fortune the other night, and the puzzle was "Elenor Rigby". I asked M who did that song, and he said the Beatles. I was a pround Mama :)