Friday, November 14, 2008

Another week gone by

Have a great weekend!

I'll try, next week, to get to this more often. Life did not change much from last week with the exception that we've all taken turns passing a cold around--with the exception of my son--who tried to stay home yesterday by claiming a sore throat. It seems he needed a little more attention as everyone else had been getting more but he's healthy otherwise! (I let him stay home for the morning to be sure. He had so much makeup work from missing one morning that he's learned it's much simpler to just go to school!)

The baby is still feeling miserable but hopefully will recover, soon. (I really did move the trash!)

Otherwise, it's a gloomy, rainy day outside but I'm thankful that it's rain in the middle of November and not snow, yet!
(Snow is due tomorrow but I'll think about that later)


jocelyn said...

Did you end up having any snow today. I went to the store today, rather than tomorrow. I figured going in the rain was better than the snow, only to go in the rain, and walk out into the snow. It hasn't stopped yet, and we're supposed to get it tomorrow and, fun, fun. It is still Fall right?

LoryKC said...

Fall? Naw,,,,
I guess it is but really--that's what prompted my last comment. After the last couple of addresses, I'm really happy we had rain today in the middle of November!
(No snow yet--ours is supposed to shift in another couple of hours...)

LoryKC said...

Of course, I meant: "Naw....."
(with actual periods. But with cranky kids (sleepover last night) and a few glasses of wine on my end..who pays enough attention to the correkt kees? ;)