Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indiana kids and the tower of laundry

I say I'll use the baby's naptime to write.  I need that naptime to shower though, too--oh, and clean up the dishes.  Now that he's mobile, naptime is a really good time to load the washer and fold clothes, or eat a peaceful lunch, or try to read something.

We have all taken turns being sick lately so I'm behind on everything--except cleaning the bathrooms.  Nothing like physically ill children to inspire me to follow behind and truly scrub those bathrooms.  When I look back at the week, it seems I can get more done than I thought!  (Although the clean laundry is not only spilling out of the basket, it has surrounded and conquered it.)  

It all works out in the end.  If the kids can't keep up with helping out, they'll just have to hunt for their socks in the Tower of Laundry.  They won't find the Holy Grail but hopefully, they can find some socks without holes.


jocelyn said...

Sorry to hear you all have been sick. That's no fun, and cleaning the bathrooms and laundry aren't fun either. If J's sleeping here's your chance to go take a shower, or write, or do some laundry. If the socks don't get washed, just go buy some new pairs :) That way you can go longer amounts of time between washes :)

Margaret said...

This weekend I managed to clean the whole house but pooped out by the time I got to our master bath.

Monday morning ended up at the ER with pneumonia!

Trying to con hubby into finishing up the cleaning for me. Not a good place for me to be cleaning in this condition. He tried... but looks like I'll have to go in after him and do it right.

Then take a hot shower, bubble bath and give myself a little much needed me time.

Shame I have to be sick to do that.

LoryKC said...

That is a shame! Make time to do that more often--the dirt and grime will wait! ;)
(Maybe I'll even follow my own advice...sounds great!)