Monday, July 12, 2010

Maybe I just need patio furniture!

After I stayed up far too late (intending to write but not getting very far), I got up this morning to try again. I've been given some unanticipated quiet time as I am the only one up besides the dog but she wants to PLAY! A big dog biscuit/chew in exchange for a few undisturbed minutes on the computer isn't really SO wrong, is it? ;)

Otherwise, I considered sitting out on our newly covered deck with the laptop while I watch her run around the backyard. Option 2 is certainly better for her but I can't find my tv tables and can't figure out how to balance my coffee cup and my laptop in just a lawn chair!

It is time to pick out a table and chairs for our new pretty deck!

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Christy said...

Lory, it is a good choice but why don't you brands like Ashley Furniture, Abbyson Furniture, Coaster, Pulaski and Modloft are also well known brands in US. I have recently bought my bedroom furniture made by Ashley and it is good one to share.