Saturday, March 05, 2011


I had to do something with the bananas.  My daughter and her friend were dancing around with them (a cute ending for a math video they'd been filming) and broke the stems off of the fruit.  They've been here a few days, anyway and are at the point where I usually declare that I need to make banana bread or throw them out.  I hate to throw out food so I make banana bread...and no one eats it.

So...I used one of Jessica Seinfeld's recipes this morning, and made peanut butter and banana muffins (with carrot). (Ssshhh).

 I got distracted (surprise!) in the middle however, and only put in half of the required amount of brown sugar.  Thinking no one would eat these now, either, I went ahead and sprinkled some brown sugar on the top of each muffin and hoped for the best.

My son just ate three.
(Maybe 3 is a bit much--he ate two and finished his brother's--but that has to be better than the 2 or 3 doughnuts I let him eat last weekend!)

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jocelyn said...

must have been yummy muffins :)