Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm chillin'

The girl is old enough that she no longer asks me to sleep in her bed with her, unless she is sick.
With the stuffy nose + time change combo on Sunday, she asked. I put her off for a while but after the boys were both snoring, I complied. I did not stay all night. I did not stay for a full half hour.

Those tiny "I can't breathe right" germs waste no time whatsoever!

It's not so bad. I can breathe now and with another cup of hot coffee and a Motrin, the chills will go away, too.

When I dropped the boy off at preschool today, Room #1 (the room where half of his class is dropped off to wait until 8am) has a big sign on it letting parents know that "the room has been exposed to Rotovirus." Thank goodness it was just the room.

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