Tuesday, April 18, 2006


You know that feeling of relief when you've narrowly avoided an accident?

There was no other car swerving toward ours. It is difficult however, to drive safely while you want to clench your eyes shut and put your fingers in your ears (singing "la la la"). I did not exhibit such behaviour outwardly but only so that we could avoid a real, physical accident.

The conversation began with a simple question on the way home from school.

My 7-year-old: "Mommy? Did you know that there is a bad word in the word: peacock?"

Me (inside my head): please don't go there, la..la..la
Me (out loud): "Really?"

7yr-old:"Yes! There is!" (She is smiling at her brother) "Do you know what it is?"

Me: "Ummmm....no."

7yr-old: "It's PEE!!" Bwaahaahaa!!! (Both children are delighted!)

Though I've complained in the past, some days I'm quite thankful for potty-humor!

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