Monday, July 09, 2007

Never Enough

I am six months pregnant now and the kids are excited but it is not enough. They asked tonight if we could please adopt an eleven or twelve-year-old girl.

(N is tired of having to be the oldest; now she'll have TWO younger BROTHERS. So her life is unfair but the fact that we did not sit down and have a serious discussion--ending in her getting her way--helped her come to the conclusion that we are simply mean).


Rene said...

Yeah, because 12 year old girls are so charming.

I'm glad your daughter realizes who this whole thing is really all about. Now if only you and your husband could accept the blame...LOL

LoryKC said...

LOL! Yes, I need someone with more hormones and attitude right now!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I have been a horrible blogger and have to catch up reading your blog! You're in Indiana! Where? You're pregnant! Congrats!

Tracy said...

Gosh! Six months already. It goes so quickly when it's someone else who is pregnant ;-)

LoryKC said...

I'm behind as well--sorry I caught up on your blog AFTER you visited Indiana!
We're in West Lafayette now.

Thanks! ;)

Actually, this time it's going pretty quickly on this end, too! My daughter kept saying "it's hard to wait NINE months but I bet moving will make the time go by fast." Boy was she right!! We're trying to get most of the rooms set up and get settled before starting in on the nursery but it's all turning into one ongoing project!

Kellie said...

Well, you could have 3 girls. Imagine my house during the teenage husband will be ready to move out...maybe I'll go with him...LOL!

Check out my blog for the newest addition to our family!


Margaret said...

LOL, they'll change their mind again...

..and again. ...and again.

Not having any luck getting preggers here and am about to turn 40. We're considering adopting ourselves.

Then we change our minds again...

...and again. ...and again.

chosha said...

Glad to see you got that cleared up. Meanies, ruining her life with...brothers. *shudder* ;)