Friday, July 06, 2007

Whatever gets you through the night

It started with an alarm going off at about midnight. It seemed to coming from my son's room. After the second or third time that it went off, I went to investigate in the dark. It seemed to be coming from the stack of clean clothes in his room but I know I did not plant anything in there. It must be the watch he found today. I guess he had big plans for the middle of the night! I can't find the watch, of course, so I pray that whatever it's set for has passed and we're done. No such luck.

I listen to it go off a few more times before I decide to get back up and hide/destroy the thing. Except when I go back, the noise is not coming from his room--now it's coming from N's.

She has an "organizer" that she won from some contest that has an alarm that has been going off nightly. It has not seemed so loud on past evenings but I have heard it almost every night. Earlier today, I did ask her if she could find the thing and turn it off. She didn't think she'd unpacked that box yet. (So helpful). I asked her kindly to unpack the box, find the thing and turn it off before she went to bed.

Apparently, to a nine-year-old, that means move the box away from the closet at the far end of your room and move it near your door. Just to make sure Mom can hear it tonight.

I wrapped the box in towels and shoved it in a cupboard in the laundry room. But now I'm up.
I went back to bed for an hour, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out if that is the baby's elbow or foot jabbing my right side and coming up with the new perfect opening for the on-going book. Of course, it's so perfect, you know I'll forget by morning. But I don't want to get up so I try to think of ways to help me remember. Right. I am. I've typed out that brilliant passage that seemed like it'd take a page. It's a paragraph.

I'm going with the egg sandwich now. When I was a girl and couldn't (or wouldn't) sleep, I'd get up and tell my Dad I was hungry. He'd make us egg sandwiches--scrambled eggs on toast with lettuce and mayo--and we'd watch Charlie's Angels. I've got pita bread rather than Sunbeam white bread but it's worth a shot! (I wonder what re-runs are on...?) ;)


Tracy said...

Mysterious beeping in the night. We've had a few of those. I've never heard of egg sandwiches and Charlie's Angels as a sleep aid. That sounds like THAT should go in a novel somewhere.

Margaret said...

Aww, my Mom used to make scrambled eggs sammiches with Chocolate milk for our hungry munchie moments. Brings back memories.

Oh gosh, I'd just have to shoot that organizer thing.

Rene said...

Oh, my son has one of those organizer things. I want to hurl it through a window.

Sorry, pregnant and eating an egg sandwich just, well, it gives me heartburn just thinking about it. On top of being hyperactive babies, my girls also gave me heartburn.

jocelynka said...

I was afraid at first it was a smoke alarm. I would have broken that thing and said, "You can't find it? I have no idea where it went?" I have had to do that with a few things already.

I hope your egg sandwich was good. I remember eating them (not late at night) and I still make them now from time to time, but without the lettuce :) Take care of yourself and I may see you soon :)

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday a little late. R and I were away for the 4th. We were in Tennessee. I was thinking of you all day. Hope you had a nice day. N

LoryKC said...

I'm sure those details will make it into one of these stories yet!

If I had had a gun...!

I don't have trouble eating much these days. I'm lucky but the kids are learning to finish what they've got--if you look like you're done, Mom's probably gonna eat it!!!

Not here. We had the smoke alarm that just would not die in the last house! (Not the actual "alarm"--but that LOUD beeping letting you know that the battery MIGHT die in the next month!) (I had a heck of a time getting that one cover off to change the battery)!

I did--thank you! I hope you had a great trip!