Sunday, December 30, 2007

New beginnings at the end of the year

Today we had our son baptized so it's a new beginning for him in his spiritual life.  (Not that he is aware of it quite yet!)  Our priest really involved our other two kids so that was wonderful!  Two of my nieces, along with my sister and parents were able to be there so the day was made even more special.

2008 will bring many changes!  It is amazing to see how much J has changed in two months and this is just the beginning!

Speaking of beginnings, the hubbie and I got a joint Christmas gift the day after Christmas--a new computer!  We were deciding whether to upgrade or get something new and decided on an iMac!  It's wonderful and easy but different enough from my PC that I'll be spending a little time just getting adjusted to a new way of doing things!  (Though I'm excited as some great writing software out there is available for Mac only and now I can try it!)  (If they just had one that could write the perfect ending for me, I'd be set!)

I hope this holiday season has been going well for all of you!  Happy New Year!


Rene said...

I think the iMac's are cool but I like my Dell pc's. If it were just me, I'd probably get a Mac but because of hubby and his need for an office PC, we stay with PC.

Margaret said...

Our daughter has an iMac - not a bad little machine if I say so myself. Happy New Year to you and yours. And many blessings for the little one's fantastic life in the Lord ahead.

God Bless.

Kellie said...

We have iMacs at school and are slowly replacing them with pc's, mostly dell. I prefer a pc over a mac but ours are soooo old and the newer ones are probably much more user friendly than ours. I hope you enjoy it. It's always fun to get some new piece of technology to play with. Have fun!

jocelynka said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 will mean an end to your book :)