Saturday, December 08, 2007

One can dream!

Hubbie and the two older kids are at a basketball game; the baby is lying on his playmat, gazing right past the colored lights and music floating above his head and I have just finished putting groceries away. So, I'm pouring a glass of red wine and I'm ready to curl up with a good book.
(Instead, I'm going to sip my wine while I fold laundry but I'm going to think about which book I hope to get to!) ;)

Are you enjoying your weekend?


jocelynka said...

It sounds like you got a few quiet moments :) I hope you were able to enjoy it. Our weekend has been pretty good so far. It's starting to warm up a bit so some of the snow is melting, but we have plenty still. I have no idea what's on tap for today, probably seeing if we can play with what's left before the rain comes, and then just watching football (its on our TV all day)

Margaret said...

I so miss having a baby in the house. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky again. I keep thinking they should get easier as they grow up - I was so wrong. =O)