Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'll never win the Mom of the Year Award

The older two are already trying to let the baby play video games with them.  (He can hit the "A" button for me, Mom!)

Oh, and the baby is already watching Spongebob.


jocelynka said...

Oh come on, there are worse things that could be happening :) R was trying to do the Wii Fit the other day. He stepped on the balance board and said "I win!" However he wasn't doing anything, but that's the closest he's gotten to try and do a video game (but he's 3). Good luck. I'm sure the mom of the year nominees slip up from time to time too...I know I'm not in the running :)

poopsy said...

that's sweet though! we had a "tech free day" here the other day. Violet was screaming and crying because she wanted to "rock up" (rock out) on guitar hero.