Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

The kids and I are headed to Florida!  It will be absolutely wonderful to reconnect with old friends!  I am excited that my parents have offered to watch all three kids for the night but I've never left the baby for that long--I'm a tiny bit nervous!  This is my 3rd child and my parent's 12th grandchild--so the anxiety is reduced a just a little! ;)

I am debating whether or not to post photos when I get back.  (I haven't posted a photo of myself, yet!)  Maybe we'll see what kind of photos we end up with!

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LoryKC said...

The one thing I forgot was the camera--of course! So no photos here but it was wonderful to see so many old friends! I met a few new people that I graduated with but never met until last weekend as well!

All three kids did fine with my parents--though the baby did keep my parents up a bit. It looks like everyone survived and we had a great visit--I just don't have any photos to share.