Monday, January 12, 2009

Your response is important to me, please be patient and I'll post again, soon

It's Monday!

I'm back up, healthy and back online.  Unfortunately, I was on the telephone line--not internet--most of the morning.

I tried to reschedule an appointment for myself (they have all been on Wednesdays--the boy's library day--and he knows I've missed more of his than his sister's); make one more for me (separate issue but at least that will be on a Thursday); find someone to fix the mailbox (a car slid into it at some point yesterday) and and an assortment of other phone calls this morning meant doing the breakfast dishes with the phone on speaker.  I put the baby down for a nap and listened to a depressing selection of hold music, interspersed with "your call is important to us..." every thirty seconds.

Now that I have spent a full hour on the phone, I need to find a way to fold laundry and type at the same time.

It's time for a headset (and voice recognition software)! ;)


Rene said...

I wish there was a laundry folding robot. I'd wear it out.

I hate doing anything by phone. And I hate being on hold. Hope the rest of your day goes better.

jocelyn said...

I'm sorry your morning was so hectic. I'm glad you are better, and it sounds like everyone else is doing better now too? I hope your day gets better.

LoryKC said...

Thanks ~ once I got off of the phone, i actually started to get things done!
(Unfortunately, writing was not one of them but today's another day!)